Social and Economic Ranking of Districts of Pakistan

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The report has used 37 indicators relating to the education, health, water supply income and wealth, agriculture, housing transportation and labour force sectors to rank districts of Pakistan in terms of the level of social and economic development. The paper demonstrates the importance of education indicators in determining the overall level of social development, especially in terms of female literacy and enrollment rates. On the other hand variations in economic development are highly correlated with indicators of housing wealth, modernisation of agriculture and transportation. Also, the ranking demonstrate a close correlation between levels of social and economic development spatially with Pakistan. Overall, Punjab appears to have the highest level of social and economic development followed by NWFP, Sindh and Balochistan. However, the results indicate substantial variation among districts within a province in the level of both social and economic development. Least developed districts within each province are identified as targets for special development allocations within SAP.