SPDC undertakes independent research on thematic areas of macro-economy, public finance, poverty, gender, environment and governance. The research undertaken is both proactive and in response to the need of the government, donors, academic and civil society organisations.

Along with research reports and policy papers, the two main flagship publications of SPDC are the 'Annual Review of Social Development in Pakistan' and the post- budget report entitled State of the Economy.

Annual Review of Social Development in Pakistan

SPDC’s Annual Reviews presents an objective and in-depth analyses of various socio-economic and developmental issues. Each year, key areas and topics for research are identified keeping in view the national and international priorities and events. SPDC so far has produced thirteen annual reviews.

State of the Economy

The post-budget report entitled 'State of the Economy' is a regular publication of SPDC. It evaluates the federal and provincial budgets in order to examine government priorities with respect to social development in Pakistan and the nexus that exists between macroeconomic policies and social development.